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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

At Kent EV, we pride ourselves on our efficient and professional service. With many successful EV charger installations in homes across Kent and the South East, we have established a strong reputation for making the process as seamless as possible.

The first step is simple; get in touch with us. Once you’ve reached out, we will send you a link to our user-friendly online software. This allows you to complete a remote survey at your convenience, providing us with all the crucial details needed to give you a fixed, no-obligation quotation.

Armed with this information, our experienced team can then recommend an appropriate charge point from our extensive range that perfectly fits your requirements. We understand that every home has its unique needs when it comes to EV charging solutions – and we’re here to cater precisely to yours.

Once everything is confirmed and agreed upon, our team will schedule an installation date within two weeks – at a time that works best for you. We are committed not only to delivering top-notch service but also ensuring minimal disruption during the installation process.

With Kent EV by your side, transitioning into sustainable transportation becomes easier than ever before!

Home EV charging point