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Fully Installed From £990

The Ohme Home Pro EV Charger offers a climate conscious, convenient way to charge that reduces the cost of owning an electric vehicle. Perfect for drivers who want to set and forget.

The Ohme Home Pro is compact and easy to install. It is equipped with in-built Protective Earth and Neutral (PEN) Fault Protection, integrated DC leakage protection and in-build load management.

The Ohme Interactive LCD screen displays live charge data and gives the option to have full control of charging from the charger itself or via the Ohme App.

  • Full charge history available at your fingertips
  • Integrates with your energy tariff to charge at the cheapest times
  • Vehicle integration
  • Easily Start/Stop or schedule charging
  • Max Price Cap setting for control over EV charging costs
  • Target battery % charge setting
  • CO2 consumption tracking, using “Green Score” feature
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) automatic firmware/software upgrades keep the charger updated
  • Battery pre-conditioning for improved range in colder weather
  • Cabin climate control (optional – dependent upon vehicle API availability)
  • 3-year (pre-paid) 4G multi-network SIM card included