Ohme ePod




The Ohme ePod is suitable for all types of electric vehicles, featuring Ohme’s class leading smart charging technology.  Its compact design makes it an ideal charger for all homes.
  • Universal socket
  • Compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 electric vehicles
  • Automatically chooses the cheapest electricity available
  • Charge via mobile app or interactive buttons on the ePod
  • Max Price Cap setting for control over EV charging costs
  • 7kW (32A) charging rate
  • In-built load management set through unit itself
  • Charging controlled via mobile app or interactive screen
  • In-built protective earth neutral (PEN) fault device
  • 3G/4G multinet sim card – cost covered by Ohme for the first 3 years
  • Size: h: 230mm x w: 140mm x d: 100mm
  • Compatible with Smart tariffs such as Octopus

Including Standard installation £950