Ohme Pro 8m




The Ohme Home Pro charger charges at 7.2kW and is available with a type 2 tethered 5m or 8m charging cable attached.

  • Type 2 tethered cable, 5m or 8m
  • Automatically chooses the cheapest electricity available
  • 7kW (32A) charging rate
  • LCD screen
  • In-built load management set through unit itself
  • Charging controlled via mobile app or interactive screen
  • In-built protective earth neutral (PEN) fault device
  • 3G/4G multinet sim card – cost covered by Ohme for the first 3 years
  • 3-year product warranty
  • Size: h: 170mm x w: 200mm x d: 100mm
  • Compatible With smart tariffs such as Octopus

*Including installation £1070