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Standard Installation Terms and Conditions

Our standard installation includes the following terms and conditions:

1.All Standard installations will include the installation of a new additional dedicated consumer unit with TYPE A RCD

  1. Cable Run: The maximum length for a cable run from the charging point to the consumer unit/ electricity meter is 15 meters.

3.Surge Protection Device (SPD) To protect your charging system from power surges or spikes, we’ll fit an SPD as part of the standard installation process.

  1. Cable Installation: All cables will be clipped directly onto surfaces rather than being buried within walls or conduits
  2. Groundwork: Please note that no groundwork, such as digging trenches or holes for underground cabling, will be undertaken as part of our standard installation service.
  3. Property Earth Arrangement Compliance: Your property’s earthing arrangement must meet all current regulations for safety purposes before we can proceed with the installation
  4. Charging Unit Location & Earthing Arrangement: The charging unit has to be installed on your property premises and should utilize its earthing arrangement for effective functioning and safety measures.

Nonstandard Installations: If you require any non-standard installations beyond what is covered in this package, please feel free to raise it with us! We’re flexible and open to discussing these on a case-by-case basis, so we can best cater to your specific needs.